Lake Tahoe, United States

I recently came back from a trip to Lake Tahoe and if you haven't been yet, it's a must especially if you're in or near California. Lake Tahoe is a great travel destination anytime of the year - winter for skiing/snowboarding and summer for the fun water activities you can do at the lake. It's been years since I've been back to Lake Tahoe and I've actually had only visited during the winter so I was able to really enjoy the lake during the warmer weather. If you've been wanting to visit Lake Tahoe but don't know what to do, here's a quick guide on things to do in the Lake Tahoe area.


1. Ride a jet ski

Lake Tahoe is a great place to go jet skiing. You can rent jet skis and take them out on the lake. You can rent jet skis here:

2. Go parasailing

Another great water activity you can do is go parasailing. If you're lucky to avoid any wind advisories while in Tahoe, then parasailing is the perfect summer activity. It's really calm and peaceful and you get great views of the lake. You can book parasailing here:

3. Rent a transparent kayak or clear paddleboard

You've probably seen it all over social media. Lake Tahoe is one of the few places where you can rent a transparent kayak or clear paddleboard to enjoy the clear emerald water of Lake Tahoe. It's so much fun and I highly recommend you try it. You can rent them from Clearly Tahoe or Tahoe Paddle Sports.

4. Go Whitewater Rafting

About 30 minutes away from Lake Tahoe is the Truckee river where you can go whitewater rafting. It was a bucket list item of mine and I'm so happy that I finally got to check it off my list. Each raft has a guide who will help you navigate the rapids. There's different levels for all experience levels so you can start with the beginner one if its your first time. You can book whitewater rafting here:

5. Hike Eagle Falls Trail

At the beginning of the Eagle Falls trail is a beautiful waterfall that overlooks Emerald Bay. If that view isn't enough for you, you can hike the trail and see Emerald Bay from a higher elevation with great views of Lake Tahoe. 

6. Walk East Shore Trail

One of the most scenic trails in Lake Tahoe - the East Shore Trail that's 3 miles long. You can walk it at your leisure or ride a bike along the trail. You'll get amazing views of the lake along the coast. 

7. Ride the Mountain/Alpine Coaster

The mountain/alpine coaster is a great activity for kids and the entire family. It's a bit pricey though but it does include a ride on the gondola up the mountain. There are other several activities you can do at the top of the mountain such as: climbing wall, hiking trails, zipline, etc. 

8. Cliff jumping at Bonsai Rock

It can be easily missed since there's not really a designated parking area but you can access Bonsai rock from Sand Harbor via kayak/paddleboard or park along the road and hike down to the water. The water here is very clear and it's a popular spot for cliff jumping.

9. Cross the Nevada/California Stateline

Located inside Van-Sickle Bi-State Park is the marked Nevada/California Stateline. It's a short walk from the parking lot and there's lots of hiking trails in the park with waterfalls. 

10. Rent a bicycle 

Lake Tahoe is massive and can take a good 2+ hours to drive around the entire lake. A great way to explore the area is to rent a bicycle. There are lots of options to choose from such as electronic bikes and two person bikes as well. There are several bike rental shops all over the Lake Tahoe area. 


Below are some beaches that I recommend checking out in the Lake Tahoe area. 


One of the larger beaches in Lake Tahoe and located at the northern part of Lake Tahoe but it can get really crowded. Parking can be a challenge as well so get there early if you can.


It's a bit of a hike down to the beach and the way down is a bit steep so keep that in mind. There's really a chimney on the beach and the water is really clear and blue. There's a spot to go cliff jumping towards the far right of the beach and an area of tidepools.


Not too far down from Chimney Beach is the Secret Cove. It's a little trek down as well but please note that this is a clothing optional beach so keep that in mind. It's a very small beach but a great option to be away from crowds and calmer water to swim in.


The water at Emerald Bay tends to be very cold as it gets a lot of shade so there aren't that many swimmers but it's a great little beach area with beautiful views. Vikingsholm castle is also located right there as well.


Saved the best for last - my favorite beach in Lake Tahoe and it's in a state park so there's an entrance fee. Get there early especially during peak season because the parking lots do fill up quickly and once they're full, they won't let any cars in. 

Where I stayed: Station House Inn (hotel review coming soon)!


I hope this blog post helps you plan for your next trip to Lake Tahoe!